Annual scorching canine consuming contest raises cash for psychological well being

MARIETTE, Ohio. (WTAP) – The Locker Room Sports Bar hosted their 14th annual hot dog eating championship on Sunday.

WTAP got an exclusive interview with the competitors.

The rules were simple. Treat yourself to as many hot dogs as possible in 10 minutes. No spices. And – you have to keep it down – at least for a minute after you’re done.

Seated at the table were Reed Byers, also known as The People’s Choice, Charlie Rose AKA Chuck Diesel and, last but not least, the now five-time reigning champion Jimbo Slice, who broke his personal record on Sunday.

“I think my record was 13 and I hit 16 today,” said Slice.

Byers said the secret was … “Probably a lot of prayer.”

And Slice gave us a glimpse into his strategy.

“I mean, if you just dip your hot dog in water, get the bun soaking wet, it goes down a lot easier, keep bouncing, it brings the food down,” he said.

While these competitors may sound like hot dog enthusiasts, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Byers said, “I didn’t like hot dogs in the first place. Hopefully I’ll find a better way to raise money next year. “

Byers came to the table on a mission – to raise funds for Givemore Connections – a local mental health nonprofit. With the help of sponsors, he was able to raise $ 1,000.

“It’s incredible. You know, a year ago I could never have confidently told you that so many people would support me in what I do, and I’m just very grateful for that. The Mid-Ohio Valley is really a wonderful one Place, ”said Byers.

Whether they came for the cause or for fame, one thing is for sure … these three can throw down some hot dogs.

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