Android 12 Leak Reveals iOS 14-Model Clipboard Entry Notification

A new leak from XDA Developer shows that with Android 12, due to be released later in the year, Google plans to introduce a new notification that will be shown to users when an app accesses their clipboard.

With iOS 14, Apple presented a small banner On top of iPhones and iPads that notify users when an app is accessing content from their clipboard. Clipboard access notification was one of several new privacy-conscious features in iOS 14, and now Google is following in Apple’s footsteps.

According to screenshots from XDA Developer, the new feature is unlike iOS and optional iPadOS 14. When Google is turned on, Show Clipboard Access displays a message when apps access text, pictures, or other content you’ve copied. The clipboard access notification is one of the few iOS 14-style features available in the next version of Android. including new notifications when apps access the camera and microphone.

Notification of clipboard access has proven beneficial to users since iOS 14 launched in September. After its debut, many users found that many popular apps, including Tick ​​tock and Reddit secretly accessed user clipboard data. Most apps have since then patched what they called “bugs”.