Amongst Us Getting 6 New Colors, Enhanced Artwork Fashion, 15-Participant Lobbies, Extra

Between us, developer InnerSloth has released an update for its popular video game. The update brings features such as an improved art style, a new meeting screen, new colors, and various bug fixes and improvements. The developer also mentioned that they haven’t fixed all reported bugs yet and will continue to fix them with upcoming updates to the game. As recently as this month, InnerSloth added an airship map, which is the fourth map in the game and the largest yet.

InnerSloth announced the new features and improvements Between us through a blog entry. The developer has fixed various bugs such as “Pink Blobs” where some Android and Chromebook Users reported that their crewmembers’ sprites appeared as pink rectangles. Other bug fixes include adding a background to the Create Game screen on the airship map, authentication issues when signing in for mobile devices, and Pc User, re-adding the ping counter and other small text or font problems.

Between us, players now have the option to change their chat in Settings and change their name in the Account menu. InnerSloth has also fixed a bug for that Nintendo Switch This included allowing multiple users to log into the same device along with other errors. The developer is also working on adding support for the game platform for downloads.

Major new features include the addition of six new colors for player sprites. InnerSloth explained, “With all the colors we already have, it was actually difficult to find colors that would automatically look different from everyone else. However, when it comes to accessibility and color blindness, we hope to move away from colors, which are the way people identify with one another. “

In addition, the developers have added a larger meeting screen as the lobby size is to be increased to 15 players. One of the main features that affects both the front-end and the back-end alike is the updated art style that Among Us will adopt. The developer said it won’t drastically change the design of the game, but it will make it easier for the back-end to create animations for the game.

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