Alumni Affiliation raises cash to assist college students who can’t afford yearbooks – FOX13 Information Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The pandemic has really hurt some high school seniors who need cash for expenses like scholarship fees, study applications, and yearbooks.

The Overton High School Alumni Association came together to help students who could not afford yearbooks because some of their parents had lost their jobs.

Members of the Overton High School Alumni Association said when the school president announced that students needed help, they knew they needed to act quickly. So they went on social media and asked for support.

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“They’re having trouble raising money to sell the yearbooks,” said Laura Ellison, who heads the Overton High School Alumni Association. “They reached out to me as the Overton alumni representative to see if they could get help getting the alumni and others to buy yearbooks and donate them to seniors.”

When she asked for support on social media, Ellison said they sold fewer than 50 to 100 yearbooks over the weekend.

Seniors still have to sell about 100 more.

If you want to buy a yearbook for a student, CLICK HERE.