“Wai Kai aims to become a year-round active travel destination where residents and visitors can enjoy unique attractions, unique events, and the natural beauty of the nearby Pacific Ocean,” he said Larry Caster, Director of Retail Development at Wai Kai Commercial Development, Wai Kai’s corporate building. “Wai Kai offers interactive and engaging experiences in one place and great food you won’t find anywhere else.”

Wai Kai is part of the Hoakalei Resort, where every day feels like a vacation, with access to adjacent beaches and ancient coastal paths, graceful residences, and seven great golf courses nearby, including Ernie Els-designed Hoakalei Country Club, his first Hawaii Signature golf course.

One of the truly unique experiences at Wai Kai will be The LineUp at Wai Kai, a dynamic social and recreational hub of authentic Waterman experiences spearheaded by the Wai Kai Wave, the world’s largest deep water surfing wave at 100 feet wide. Powered by Citywave®The technology creates authentic surfing conditions with perfect endless and adjustable waves from two feet to head high for all levels of difficulty. This allows the use of standard surfboards with fins for big carving turns and surfing from top to bottom on the glassy wave surface. The Wai Kai Wave was created in collaboration with Oahus-have Shane Beschen (a partner of The LineUp at Wai Kai), the X Games gold medalist and a former surfer ranked number 2 in the world, and his young son Noah, who surfs with a gun.

“Surfing will be similar to Oahus Waimea Bay River Wave that flows regularly when the sandbar opens after heavy rainfall – but on steroids, “Shane said.” Anything is possible here, from high-speed carving to sections where the lip can be attacked or aired. It creates the perfect on-demand setup. “

The Wai Kai Wave overlooks the 52-acre Wai Kai Lagoon, which provides a protected area for stand-up paddling, kayaks, guided outrigger canoes, and piloted electric boat cruises. Major surf and waterman competitions are planned for the Wai Kai Wave and Wai Kai Lagoon.

“Part of the lagoon’s waterfront has restaurants and areas for pop-up shops, events and recreational activities that appeal to visitors and residents alike who are interested in wellness, art and culture, and seasonal celebrations,” said Caster. He emphasized that there was a large lawn for special occasions where farmers ‘and manufacturers’ markets, local arts and cultural activities and music could take place.

The LineUp also houses the Lookout Bar and Restaurant with a front row view of the surf action, a promenade café and bar with a view of the Wai Kai lagoon, and a unique retail store geared towards the Waterman lifestyle is.

The LineUp, including the Wai Kai Wave, is managed by Surf Park Management. “Our team is excited to open the most advanced facility in any country Hawaii For everyone who loves an active lifestyle in the sea, “said Surf Park Management Skip Taylor. “It’s a super exciting opportunity to provide a fantastic place for the local community to play, socialize, and introduce active travelers to the Aquarian lifestyle.”

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