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When it comes to photos of Alaskan wildlife available in the market, even the most recent couldn’t be counted on all toes and toes. Alaska’s wildlife is a hot market for photographers, many from the 48 states of the continental United States. Most of the so-called nature photographers are politely actually “safari photographers”. They don’t live in the Alaskan wilderness. Although they live in the cities of Alaska, they are only occasional visitors. For photo book buyers, this means that the pictures they see were taken during the safari. Photographers can wait for the perfect bear photo before chasing a shot of a “midday moose” or a “beluga whale pod on patrol”.

KODIAK WILDLIFE differs in that the author and her husband live on Kodiak Island, but in remote locations. They run a fishing and hunting lodge on Amok Pass, where mail planes arrive once a week and the author and her husband are on site for 12 months every year. For wildlife book buyers, this means the photos you see are not random that photographers in some cities might take. Mike Muncie grew up on Kodiak Island so he knows where to get the best photos. He doesn’t have to be lucky. He just has to wait for the right moment to know he’s coming. Even better, Muncie knows where to go and when to get the perfect photo, as most Amock Pass guests are wildlife watchers.

For most Alaskans, Kodiak is “an island the size of a Mack truck that will eat you without burping.” Yes, the island has its reputation for giant bears, but it is full of animals both in the forests and in the ocean. These include seals, sea lions, whales, bald eagles, puffins, arctic terns, otters, deer, and a wide variety of small mammals. This book is also unusual. Because even if the photographer had to return to the “right place” for years to take the “right shot”, he had the time to “correct” it.

Broken bread bin



Darling, the world is upside down

Illustration by Francis Espanol

Religious books, by my definition, occupy a significant part of the book market. These range from illustrated stories from the Bible and the Children of the Saints to academic papers on the sacred works of the Apocrypha, Quran, Old Testament, Buddhists, Hindus, Bahia and Jane. BREADBOX FOR THE BROKEN is a great example of a book explaining how Christian religious beliefs can “save the soul”. Rebecca Wetzlar illustrates her personal rise from a “dark melancholy”. [that] It affected my quality of life and threatened the daily functions that I needed. Through faith she was able to restore her position as an independent, high quality person. It is full of quotes from the Bible and aims to connect with biblical lines to the essentials of every person’s life. Good read, even for skeptics.

FAVOR is an illustrated book from Unweaver, Alaska, Fairbanks. Weaver and her husband adopted a child from Liberia in Africa, and the illustrated book is a popular trip from Africa to Alaska. In itself, it’s going to be an amazing trip for adults, let alone kids. It is a short but easy-to-read book that has the usual message of “called by the Lord” woven into it.

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