7 Of Women’ Technology’s Taeyeon’s Greatest Type Ideas On “Wonderful Saturday”

With a highly developed vocal range and an incredible ability to evoke emotions in their performances, there is no doubt that the girls’ generation Taeyeon has established herself as a top singer of her generation. Outside of the recording studio, the talented singer also works as a charming entertainer in the variety show “Amazing Saturday”. She is always captivating with her appearances on the show, also thanks to the stylistic fits that she and her creative team have put together, which steal the show from the star every Saturday. Look no further for seven of the best fits we’ve put together!

1. Manners make (Kings) man

Alluding to the spy action film and especially the main character “Eggsy”, Taeyeon wears a pinstripe set, and boy, does she make the preppy look good! Armed with a nifty little brolly (which sure has a punch!)

2. Review of the 80s and 90s

The styles of the 80s and 90s are making a comeback, and “Amazing Saturday” has definitely embraced it. Here Taeyeon looks cute as a button with bangs, an oversized belt, and a zebra crossing outfit that screams “at party”.

3. Glamorous dancer

In a seemingly lively embodiment of glamor, Taeyeon and her team gave it their all with this one – bold, red lipstick paired with finger curls and stylish black tip. Shy and more than a little muggy, the concept suits Taeyeon perfectly!

4. Milkmaid

Charming and wholesome, the traditional milkmaid look is new to Taeyeon, although we’re sure not to complain as she looks stylishly comfy in her puffed-sleeved blouse and printed apron. The bandana (and if I should be honest, haversack) is a nice touch that completes the look.

5. Victorian era

If you’ve ever wondered what Taeyeon would look like as a princess, this concept of style could set your imagination at rest for the answer. With a delicately coiffed updo with metallic accents in her locks, a feathered voluminous dress, and an elegant fan, Taeyeon would look right at home in a vintage set!

6. Aviator style

This deserves a place just for pure worship – and also to awaken some great travel vibes with the ready-to-fly Taeyeon look! Chic aviator glasses, handy leather gloves and the padded jacket complete the look and the singer is ready for the vacation.

7. Fruity and fresh

Fresh as a strawberry, Taeyeon has stocked up on strawberries this time for a sweet and refreshing take on the weekly vitamins theme. With glowing glitter on her cheek and a strawberry bucket bag, Taeyeon gave the show a boost of much-needed freshness (and vitamins!).

Hey Soompiers, which of Taeyeon’s looks on “Amazing Saturday” have you liked so far? Comment below and let us know your top picks!

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