68 Home Democrats urge extra reconciliation cash for Inside

In an Aug. 24 memo by staff on the House Natural Resources Committee, members were advised that the panel would propose to spend $ 5.5 billion to $ 6 billion more than the $ 25.6 billion it has in its Had assigned instructions for his part of the Budget Adjustment Act.

The memo also included a list of 26 “revenue participants” to make up for the additional expenses, although it did not include dollar numbers with them. They include a fee for carbon pollution, fees for pipeline owners, royalties for methane emissions, and royalties for mining hard rock minerals such as gold, copper and silver.

Projects and programs targeted by the spending plan include funding tribal lands in Arizona where a copper mining project has put ceremonial land at risk, nearly $ 10 billion to restore oceans and coasts, bans on offshore and arctic drilling, and funds for dozens of other programs, according to the note.

The letter comes because about 99 percent of the American West is in drought, the forest fire season has become longer than it was decades ago, and scientists are warning of what is known as the sixth mass extinction of plant and animal species due to human impact on the earth.

47 percent of the country is in drought, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced in mid-August, and on August 16, prompting the US Bureau of Reclamation to declare the first federal water shortage for the Colorado River will cut water volumes for two states and Mexico .