With a few exceptions, Hollywood directors are often only as good as their ability to work with actors. Accordingly, actors themselves seem particularly suited to the job of director. However, it’s a transition that is much easier said than done and that tends to generate more failures than hits. In fact, one doesn’t have to look any further than “The Jesus Rolls” to understand that John Turturro are certainly no Coen brothers. On the other hand, most directors can’t really act, and few bother to try.

Yet an impressive number of actors have stepped behind the camera and proven to be skilled. Clint Eastwood, for example, has won more Academy Awards and nominations for his work as a director than as an actor. Ben Affleck and Greta Gerwig seem to be following suit, with several major directing jobs under their respective belts and more on the way. Who else made the transition and made a great movie in the process? Let’s find out.

Forklift researched several hyphens and selected 25 actors who have directed a great movie. In at least one film, the actor had to feature a IMDb User rating above 6.5 and a Metascore over 65.

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