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Parenthood is a magical, mystifying, and fulfilling experience, but it’s also hard, lonely, and expensive. People are often very comfortable seeing others have similar experiences. Whether it is the exuberance of watching our children grow and learn, or dealing with loss and obstacles, we are never alone. Examples of these poignant and difficult family moments are everywhere, but nowhere are they more relevant or accessible than in film, especially in documentary.

Love very much Compilation and ranking of 20 parenting documentaries using data from Metacritical and IMDb. Each documentary was classified according to its metascore. The connections were broken by the IMDb user rating and further connections were broken by votes.

From devastating to divine, these stories tell stories of modern parenting, sibling love and loss, and families ruined by addiction, abuse, and secrets. These stories documented in the film are both understandable and unbelievable and offer insights into us and our families.

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