10 Examples of the Iconic Architectural Fashion [Infographic]

Do you consider yourself a hobby architecture or design lover? Whether you do this or not, you may still be able to see the design work involved art deco. This iconic style is closely tied to the Roaring Twenties and the aesthetic of The Great Gatsby. Both the architecture and art of Art Deco are characterized by clean lines in interesting patterns, including zigzags, chevron patterns, and repetitive staggered lines that run backwards along the side or the side of the building. There are also very popular pattern motifs such as the sunburst, where lines spread out to create an abstract design made up of rays of sunshine.

In Art Deco architecture, you can find these dazzling patterns and motifs on impressive monolithic shapes. You’ll also see interesting ornaments and beautiful building details that continue playing with geometry and color.

Keep scrolling to see some beautiful works of Art Deco in architecture in the latest My Modern Met infographic about the iconic architectural style. (To learn even more about the specific characteristics of these types of buildings, read more about Art deco architecture on My Modern Met.)

Art Deco architecture from around the world

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