1 in 5 Utahns has misplaced cash, so how do you declare it?

One in five Utahners has lost money.

When a company owes money to a person or organization it can’t find, it transfers that money to the state of Utah after three or three years of no contact.

Right now, the state has millions of dollars in unclaimed or lost funds from places like dormant bank accounts, overpaid medical bills, and unpaid insurance benefits.

The Utah Office of State Treasurer’s unclaimed property division serves as a repository for abandoned money.

Since its inception, the unclaimed property division has repaid more than $ 350 million, of which $ 36 million between July 2020 and June 2021.

Treasurer Marlo Oaks encourages every Utahner to search the state’s unclaimed property database and mycash.utah.gov at least once a year for their unclaimed assets as well as for the property of family, friends, deceased relatives and organizations supported by them.

Many claims processes can be handled entirely online.

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