Despite the drama that unfolded, a winner was determined at the end of Panic Season 1. Here’s a look at who prevailed and how they made the profits.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Panic Season 1!

The winner of the competition in the center of panic Season 1 might have been predictable, but the circumstances surrounding the character’s victory came as a bit of a surprise. To follow the tradition of the Texan city, several graduates took part in a game that put their greatest physical or mental fears to the test. Each player had their own reason to play, but many battled it out for the grand prize: $ 50,000 which could potentially serve as a ticket to get out of town.

As is the case with Lauren Oliver’s book in which the Amazon show was based, the game of Panic consisted of exciting challenges. The predetermined events were not created to kill people, but there have been multiple deaths in previous games. During the season one game, the challenges became increasingly dangerous, starting with a cliff jump until the game’s last two competitors were forced to compete in Joust, a chicken game with cars. Other challenges included stealing an item from a madman’s farmhouse, walking blindfolded over a railroad bridge, and being trapped in a rundown haunted house that happened to catch fire.

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Before the tournament, Dodge Mason (Mike Faist) and Ray Hall (Ray Nicholson) were the last two standing players. It was then that it was revealed that Sheriff James Cortez (Enrique Murciano) was manipulating the game for his personal gain. Wanting Dodge to win for gambling purposes, Cortez convinced the teen to take the challenge off so he could drive in his place. Ray and Dodge agreed that Cortez had to be eliminated, but meanwhile, Heather Nill (Olivia Welch) took Ray’s car and stepped in his place. Although Heather was eliminated from the game in the previous challenge, she emerged as the winner during the tournament. But it wasn’t because of Cortez’s crime or subsequent death.

Panic - Camron Jones

At the end of Season finale of Panic Season 1, Heather received a message explaining how she would be rewarded as the winner of the annual game. She may be out of the game after abandoning her individual challenge to save her little sister Lily, but it was Cortez ‘interference that caused Heather’s disqualification. It could be argued that entering a tiger cage to rescue a sibling is more frightening than any panic challenge. The judges (or whoever was in charge) must have recognized Heather’s actions, which enabled her to legitimately participate in tournaments. When the tiger jumped between the cars, Cortez technically dodged before falling, which resulted in Heather being the official winner of the $ 50,000 cash prize.

Before the tournament took place, there were concerns that the winner would not receive a prize because Sarah Miller (Maya Hendricks) stole the winnings. Bishop Moore (Camron Jones) was selected as the porter but he did not do a good job keeping the money safe. To make up for the mistake, Bishop sold his Audi and other valuable belongings to replace the prize money.

While Heather, Dodge, and Ray had other motivations to gamble, including defeating Cortez, the money would have been a nice bonus. The fact that Heather won in the end gave Bishop another to replace the money, as helping a friend financially was more important than fulfilling his role as Bagman. While Natalie Williams (Jessica Sula) seemingly convinced the other jury to award Heather the money, the decision could have come from a greater force pulling the real strings. Heather might have been chosen as the winner, but it didn’t look like she was done with the game as far as she was concerned Plot for panic season 2.

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