Elle Foley, Sophia Turker and Emma Bowden founded the group ‘Gratitude for Maine’ and sell postcards and calendars to send children to summer camp

FALMOUTH, Maine – Three young Mainers are on a mission to help make the summer of their lives for the less fortunate in the ward.

“I believe children should have the opportunity to have fun, be with friends and be at summer camp and just experience all the opportunity,” said Elle Foley, a 6th grade student at Falmouth Middle School.

Foley and her two friends Emma Bowden and Sophia Turker formed the organization “Gratitude for Maine.” You may be young, but you set out to make a huge impact.

“You live in such a beautiful place, it should really be used, you should go outside every day and experience the outdoors, the outdoors and the sea,” said Turker, also a sixth grader at Falmouth Middle School.

I am very excited to share the work of these three young Mainers. Elle, Sophia and Emma founded the Gratitude for Maine organization and sell these postcards and calendars to help some Maine children have the summer of their lives. Whole story tonight at 6! @ Newscentermaine pic.twitter.com/jY39C54IyM

– Sean Stackhouse (@StackhouseNCME) April 25, 2021

The young Mainers behind ‘Gratitude for Maine’ want to raise around 10,000 US dollars to send two children to summer camp in Maine. They also sell postcards, calendars and soon also t-shirts. All of the money they raise goes straight to their fund to send children to camp.

“Kids are really going to see Maine what we’re trying to do,” said Foley.

Foley, Turker, and Bowden are close friends and each have their own summer camp experiences.

“Obviously everything was shut down last year and last summer we had to be creative in what we were doing,” said Bowden, an eighth grader at North Yarmouth Academy.

When the pandemic hit and canceled camp for the 2020 season, the three of them focused on their photography for the summer and built an impressive collection of their own photos.

“We had a lot of great pictures of Maine, but nothing to do with those pictures,” Bowden said.

That was until the three of them sparked the idea for “Gratitude for Maine”. They have since taken these photos and placed them on calendars and postcards. So far, they have raised about $ 2000.

“It’s very important to me to give something back,” said Foley. “It’s a very important part of being a kid, I think, and I think more kids should have that experience.”

Foley, Turker, and Bowden look forward to returning to summer camp themselves, but are delighted that they can look forward to their own days in the sun and help give back.

You can purchase postcards and calendars from Gratitude for Maine by visiting theirs Website.