KAREN BLEIER / AFP via Getty Images

(KAREN BLEIER / AFP via Getty Images)

KAREN BLEIER / AFP via Getty Images

On the show is Dan Weissmann, the host of “An Arm and a Leg”, a podcast about the cost of health care. He shared some news about changes to Obamacare that have recently taken place. Remember how the Trump administration made a lot of noise four years ago for wanting to get rid of Obamacare? Ultimately, they couldn’t get the votes in Congress to actually do it. Well, it turns out that the Biden administration did the opposite: it actually got Congress to expand a lot of things in Obamacare, but without making a lot of ado about it.

The American Rescue Plan – the huge stimulus package passed in March 2021 – can save lots of people big bucks on health insurance. For example, over a million people could qualify for essentially free health insurance!

So what’s the catch? Why didn’t we hear about it on the news? In a way, the catch is that almost no one heard about it, and even the ones who probably didn’t notice were applied to them. Even when it comes to actually registering? In some cases, even the experts don’t know how to do it. On the indicator: Why it is so difficult to actually give millions of people a break in health insurance.

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You can enroll or change Your plan for the health insurance market (Obamacare) until August 15, 2021 due to the emergency (COVID-19).