Sims Four Careers for Straightforward Cash

With so many ways to make money in The Sims 4, these five jobs in The Sims 4 are the easiest way for your Sims to get rich quick.

Make money in The Sims 4 without cheating is not too difficult as many Sims jobs make a significant amount of money early on. Even the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration is only asking Sims to get 50,000 Simoleans, which can be done pretty quickly with the right career path. Gamers who want their Sims to be millionaires need to check out some of The Sims 4’s more profitable career paths.

There are many different careers in The Sims 4 right now, but not all of them offer the same income as others. Not all careers in The Sims 4 are designed to be made money, however, as many career paths unlock new outfits, purchase mode items, and room templates. For those looking for the most profitable career paths in The Sims 4, they should check out these five career paths the next time you play through.

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The Science Career in The Sims 4 was added along with the Get to Work expansion and served as one of three different jobs players could follow their Sims to. Inspired by the inventor’s career in The Sims 3: Ambitions, the scientist’s career gives players access to a unique set of items to create while working. The Sims 4 science career, while not as financially profitable as other jobs, does have a fairly unique set of unlocks.

The science career entails that players must complete tasks at their Sims workplace in order to receive promotions. This means that players will have to spend time without other Sims in their household and put in a little more effort to advance in their careers. A career as a scientist may not be a quick win, but it does have some of The Sims 4’s more intriguing unlocks.

Tech guru

A Sim in The Sims 4 with a laptop

The tech guru career available in The Sims 4 base game has some pretty hefty financial benefits. The Startup Entrepreneurship Path will bring Sims a daily income of approximately 512 Simoleons once they reach the top position in their careers. It’s also one of the easier careers, as Sims only need to work on their programming and charisma skills outside of work hours. Programming is as simple as selecting an option on the computer while charisma naturally builds up as you play.

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That being said, the looking for something more interesting would best look elsewhere. The tech guru career doesn’t have any really interesting unlocks, which is the biggest benefit of the massive income. This makes it a great background career for Sims better suited to exploring other aspects of The Sims 4.


The law career is similar to the tech guru career in the sense that Sims are rewarded with massive income in return for being quite boring. Both the private lawyers and the judging branches of this career pay pretty well, averaging around 430 simoleons per hour. Both paths unlock items, although they are mostly decorative items with an emotional aura to improve a Sim’s mood.

Since this career was introduced in The Sims 4: Discover University, there are some university-exclusive interactions that unlock this career, such as guest lectures. Aside from these unique interactions, there isn’t all that special about a legal career. Sims pursuing one of the branches of the legal career can expect some good hours and a big paycheck.

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Social media

Added in the City Living expansion, the social media career is pretty similar to the base game writer’s career. It pays off a surprisingly large amount of money and comes with a pretty fun skill too. The social media career pays around 540 simoleons per hour once players hit level 10 on the internet personality path, although the hours Sims actually work is pretty low compared to other careers.

One of the greatest advantages of a social media career is that Sims can build media production skills, which means they can produce videos for the internet for a little extra income. Being one of the more active careers in the game makes it pretty enjoyable, although players should expect to spend a lot of time improving their Sim’s performance in the career.

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A Sim writes in The Sims 4

The writing career in The Sims 4 is possibly the most overwhelming career path a gamer can choose for their Sim. The author’s path for the authoring career is not only one of the highest-paying jobs in the game with a maximum of 465 simoleons per hour, but also fits in wonderfully with the game’s book-writing mechanics. Sims need to write books to improve their job performance, which results in Sims making even more royalties from these published books.

Royalties reward Sims with a certain amount of money every week, depending on the quality of the book, with a bestseller leading to base fees of 200-800 Simoleans. While royalties alone pay less than most jobs, they’re a huge bonus for an incredibly lucrative writing career. As if that weren’t enough, exhausting your writing career as part of the bestselling writing ambition is one of the prerequisites to unlock the Book of Life, which players can use to revive fallen Sims.

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