Sia pays Maddie Ziegler’s 24-hour protection.

The ‘Chandelier’ star has announced that she pays her friend and regular contributor Maddie for safety 24 hours a day, seven days a week because she feels “responsible” for her fame.

She admitted she was “deeply protective” of the actress and said, “I just had to learn really, really good boundaries. And now I’m really good at it, and when someone wants to say hello, I’m totally comfortable with it.” If you want to take a picture it depends on the situation, but I’m either totally comfortable with it or I’m actually saying I don’t want anyone to know that we are here … I’ll keep you safe 24/7 because I feel responsible for their fame. “

And the 45-year-old singer often turns down photo opportunities for Maddie because she immediately knows if she wants pictures, just from the 18-year-old’s face.

Speaking of a new episode of Sirius XM’s Fierce: Women in Music, she added, “I can tell from Maddie’s face whether she wants to do it or not.

“And so I either say, ‘No, you know, we shouldn’t be in town’ or ‘We’re not taking photos today’ or ‘Actually we just have some family time.”

Meanwhile, Maddie previously admitted that she sees the blonde singer as her “second mother”.

She said, “I actually lived with it [Sia] More this year than I have with my actual family so it’s fun. We have the best time together. She teaches me to cook and new things in life … It doesn’t feel like work anymore when we are together … She is my second mother. “