Scioto County Jail offers quicker inmate cash service

PORTSMOUTH, OH (WOWK) – Although many inmates’ freedoms are restricted once in a prison cell, they can still get outside money.

It used to be a long process to transfer money to an inmate’s account, but now Scioto County has an easier way. As you walk into the Scioto County Sheriff’s office, you may notice a machine that looks like an ATM, except that you can only deposit money.

Access Corrections’ Smart Deposit System is a quick and easy way for families to keep supporting loved ones. The money deposited at the kiosk goes immediately to an inmate’s account, which can be used for phone calls, meals or laundry.

A new inmate cash system and video calling system have been installed in the Scioto County Sheriff’s office. Courtesy WOWK-13 News Staff Photo / Lane Ball.

Even if you can’t make it to the kiosk in the sheriff’s office, you can still send the money using your computer or mobile device.

In the Access Corrections app, family members can find an inmate’s account by searching the state, county jail, and inmate’s name. You can then deposit a dollar amount into the system and it will go straight to your account.

In addition to the new deposit system, family and friends will soon be able to visit their loved ones safely and virtually. From August 10th, visitors can enter the normal visitor area and use the new video telephony system.

Sheriff Thoroughman says this will reduce inmate relocation and ensure a safe environment for all.

Scioto County’s residents say they believe this will be a great addition, especially for the inmates’ families.

Everyone in there is someone’s brother, sister, daughter, or son, so they still deserve those basic human rights. They should have contact with their families and relatives.

Lora Simpson, Scioto County resident

The visiting times for the video conference are the same as the normal opening times. Further information on the deposit system. click here.

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