Warren Dragon Marching Band Director Aaron Reinard (left) shakes hands with Allegheny River Monsters founder Pat Hackett. The River Monsters concert raised $ 1,000 to donate to the marching band.

The Allegheny River Monsters got together, entertained thousands, enjoyed their craft, and donated to the future of music in Warren.

Thousands of people attended the Allegheny River Monsters concert on Saturday July 3rd at Pellegrino’s.

Dozens of local and not so local musicians worked together and took to the stage one after the other for the evening.

The event started on the wrong foot. The weather forecast for Friday, July 2nd, the original date of the concert, was threatening, so founder Pat Hackett called for the event to be postponed to Saturday.

“We had to take advantage of the rainy day this year. That partly had an effect on the number of visitors “, he said. “It wasn’t as big as the 2019 event.”

Still there was “Enthusiastic people … a lot of love is in the air” he said. “We’d feel good if 10 people showed up, let alone a few thousand.”

Among those attending, many purchased official Allegheny River Monsters 2021 Icyy Ink T-shirts. Proceeds from these sales went to a donation for the Warren Area High School marching band.

“They rose and supported the children” said Hackett. “And they got a cool t-shirt.”

“We were able to raise $ 1,000 for the WAHS music program.” said Hackett. “I was pretty stunned when I heard that number.”

Hackett met with director Aaron Reinard.

“When I met Aaron and gave him the check, he was really surprised.” said Hackett.

“When Pat Hackett contacted me in June to donate the proceeds of all shirt sales to us, I was stunned.” said Reinard. “It is huge for us that an alumni would like to give something back in this great financial way.”

“I can’t thank Pat and the river monsters enough.” said Reinard. “That is amazingly generous.”

The dollars will certainly come in handy.

“The district does not finance a brass band” he said. “If something breaks, I have to find out how to find the money to fix it.”

“When we buy music, flags, props, whatever … it all comes from donations.” said Reinard. “Our band boosters are constantly able to find money just to stay afloat.”

“That’s why we haven’t had uniforms in 20 years … because we could never get that much money.” he said. “Our immediate need is to do a show in the field in a few weeks. We always have annual expenses like sticks and eardrums. For our show this year we’re not going to be using our old uniforms, but that means we have to buy some pieces so that we can still be “in uniform” when we perform. This money will go a long way towards making these things happen. “

Hackett tries to continue the musical tradition in Warren on a high level. And he supports his girls on site, who are in a marching band program in California.

“We’ll do it again” said Hackett.

He has already spoken to Icyy Ink about shirts for 2022. “They came out big” he said.

And he expects a better turnout, provided the weather plays along.

“Every year it gets better and better in terms of production”, said Hackett. “It takes a village. That was my topic when I got home. The people you need for it … it’s really a community effort for the community.”

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