Janhvi Kapoor had recently flown to Chennai on the anniversary of her mother Sridevi’s death and was spotted sporting-chic at Mumbai Airport. Listen!

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Janhvi Kapoor takes airport style up a notch in a denim coordinate set. Yes or no?

Janhvi Kapoor has always set us fashion goals with her impeccable sense of style. She recently wore a neon dress and a chic party outfit in pink for her upcoming Roohi promotion and stole our hearts.

Janhvi turned the airport into her personal runway and dressed in jeans like a diva. Her outfit was a complete show dealer indeed. Her denim jacket and wide-legged trousers had white details around the stitch line and gave the classic silhouette a contemporary touch. She paired the look with a white crop top, a blue mask, and pulled her hair back in a cozy ponytail that was perfect for the trip. Her tinted glasses gave a retro vibe and small gold hoop earrings enhanced the angular look. With no makeup and shiny pink lips, Janhvi looked stunning in her denim outfit. The look was rounded off by a pair of black sneakers that gave her sportswear a sporty touch.

She shared a heartbreaking handwritten note late yesterday Sridevi with a headline “Miss You” underneath because of the day her mother died. It was packed denim-on-denim at the airport late that evening that same day, but what caught internet users’ attention was the back of her phone with a picture of her and her sister. Khushi Kapoor together. Janhvi loves her family very much.

Her denim coordinate set is a perfect summer number and the flared pants can be paired with a white shirt or casual t-shirt to look chic and cool. This can be your choice for a perfect summer vacation to kill in style. We think Janhvi hit the denim-on-denim trend. What do you say; Yes or no? Let us know in the comments below.

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