Ex-tenant’s $16,000 cash bag held with remainder of stuff in storage: Pepper Pike Police Blotter


Follow-up investigation, property found: Addison Court

After a new resident moved into an apartment at The Luxe on August 5th $ 16,000 found In the main closet, the police handed the money over to the row house owners, who left it in a safe place with other personal belongings.

Since documents were also found in the closet indicating that it was roughly the amount of money The Luxe was still owed, management will wait to see if the former renter returns to claim it. If not, it goes to the owners.

Property Found: Shaker Boulevard and Pepper Creek Drive

After a passing driver reported seeing a laptop on the side of the road around 10 a.m. on August 11, police put the Lenovo computer in an evidence box for safekeeping.

Although it apparently found no rain damage, police said it looked very worn and they couldn’t get it to turn on. If there are no claimants at the police station, the laptop will likely be destroyed.

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