The two of them researched the story for eight years. They found a lot of information about the king and the crown prince, but little about them. “It was kind of detective work,” says Eik.

“Since most of the work on World War II is about men, we find little tidbits here and there at Martha’s,” says Kallestein. “But it was just a minor aside. When you started looking through her lens it became pretty clear. “Those closest to her praised Martha for being Norway’s secret weapon. “She was a lobbyist and the Norwegian government knew she was there (and she was) as close as she was to the president.”

“Atlantic Crossing,” says Eik, is a fictional drama inspired by real events. “But Princess Martha had more access to President Roosevelt than any other person, apart from his advisors, until his death. She went to great lengths to help Norway during the war, so the whole story is true. “

These private situations were largely introduced, says Eik. “We have found many sources that confirm that President Roosevelt was in love with Crown Princess Martha, and some would even claim to be in love with her. But we have little clues as to how she felt about him, so we had to imagine how she felt. “

Sofia Helin, cast as Martha, focused on how the princess became a political person “and even did things she was not allowed to do to save her country. It is forcing America to join the fight against the Nazis for democracy, ”she says.